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Hooked Rugs

Hand-Hooked Rugs

A hooked rug is made by hand and is most often made in China. These rugs do not have a pile. Instead small bumps or knots appear on the surface and has the look of needlepoint. Hooked rugs also have a latex backing because they do not have knots to hold the weave in place. Petite point is a more time consuming and detailed version of hooking, making it look like fine embroidery, which puts them in a higher price category. Fine petite-point hooked rugs are made with very small needles to enhance the yarn colors and delicate patterns.

Hand-hooked rugs can withstand medium traffic, and will begin to wear out after five to 15 years of use. High traffic areas include hallways, family room and entryway. Medium traffic areas include the dining room and home office. Low traffic areas include bedrooms and formal living room.


Chinese Hooked Rugs Hooked Rugs
Hand-Hooked Rug Hand-Hooked Rug

Advantages/Disadvantages of Hand-Hooked Rugs


  • Hand-hooked rugs have the flexibility to use many colors.

  • Hooked rugs often use intricate designs.


  • Hand-hooked rugs are not as sturdy as other types of rugs and should be used in medium to low traffic areas.
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