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Braided Rugs and Cotton Rugs

Braided rugs were first made by early American settlers to inexpensively add color and warmth to log homes. Originally made from strips of cotton, braided rugs today include wool braided rugs, chenille braided rugs, as well as braided area rugs made from synthetic fibers such as Derclon. Braided and cotton rugs are now often used in country-style decorating, especially in kitchens, porches and family rooms where an informal look is desired. Cotton and rag rugs easily lend themselves to a casual home. When used as kitchen rugs, they bring a down-home feel to your most popular gathering room.

Braided Rug Cotton Rug
Braided Rug Cotton Rug

Advantages/Disadvantages of Braided and Cotton Rugs


  • Braided and cotton rugs are inexpensive.

  • Braided rugs and cotton rugs are perfect for casual, country or early American decorating styles.

  • Braided and cotton rugs are reversible.

  • Cotton rugs and rag rugs are very easy to wash – just throw them in the washing machine.


  • Also an advantage, these types of rugs typically are used as a background statement rather than as a focal point in a room.

  • Braided rugs are more difficult to clean than other types of rugs.

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